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Painting with Virgil

I've been a city-dweller for many years now, but the seeds for what inspires me were first planted growing up among the forests, fields, and mountains of Virginia. My mom is an artist and native plant expert, and got me started experimenting in different media from a young age. In 2010 I moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where I settled for a little over a decade. There I realized that the inspiration I seek in nature is abundant even within and surrounding the city. I also found myself in a community of inspiring artists and teachers, including those I met while living in the artist collective Pepto Palace, through working as an art teacher, and while studying art and design at Towson University. In May 2021, I moved across the ocean to Oslo, Norway. Oslo is an entirely different kind of city, and I'm excited to discover new inspirations here.


I like to experiment with many different mediums as an artist, designer, and teacher. These days, my focus is oil painting and ceramics. My work allows me to combine my interest in science and ecology with my desire to capture moments of beauty in natural forms and textures. 

super moonrise
Sky Call (Albatross)
moon mugs
Strange Weather
Marine Microcosmos
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